E4E-Minnesota works to ensure that Minnesota educators play an active role in shaping policies that affect our students and the teaching profession.


Ending Racial Discipline Disparities: An Educator’s Guide to School-based Change

Our traditional discipline practices in our education system are helping perpetuate academic disadvantages for students of color. That's why educators on the E4E-Minnesota Teacher Action Team have created a racial equity-focused discipline guide that will empower teachers to pursue more productive discipline policies and programs in their schools.

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Tell the Minnesota legislature why teacher diversity matters

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Closing Gaps: Diversifying Minnesota's Teacher Workforce

In a new paper, the E4E-Minnesota Teacher Policy Team on Teacher Diversity recommends ways to address the diversity gap between students and educators.

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E4E Teachers Talk Back: Whitney McKinley

April 26, 2016 – Whitney McKinley is an arts teacher at Hiawatha Leadership Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In this conversation with E4E-Minnesota Outreach Director Josh Thelemann, Whitney shares about her passion for social justice, being a finalist for Minnesota Teach... »

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